The Challenge: A new owner acquired Backyard Nature Products, a business established in 1994 that sells an array of outdoor products, particularly furniture and bird feeders. The business’ existing Drupal website was outdated and an obstacle to accomplishing the new owners’ goals.

The website development priority increased when the site was unexpectedly hacked, said Mike Kasdorf, Director of Backyard Nature Products. “Around two weeks after we closed on the business, the site got attacked by hackers overseas. Our hosting company locked down our database and the site was completely stuck. That incident immediately elevated the site development priority to #1.”

What they like about Zoey:

  • B2B first: Zoey’s core feature set supports a modern B2B and wholesale business, while still allowing for B2C sales.
  • Customer segmentation: specific product lines can be made available only to certain, qualifying customers, and pricing for each customer segment can be managed individually.
  • Glew Analytics makes it easy to analyze trends and stay on top of sales on a daily basis.
  • Automation: Ordering for many B2B customers can be moved online, reducing manual order processing.
  • Support: The Zoey team ensured Backyard Nature Products would receive the appropriate support to launch the site, instead of having to do everything themselves.

  • “The opportunity to drive traffic, whether existing B2B customers, new B2B customers, or new retail buyers, is huge. We’re already seeing a wonderful return on our investment.” --Mike Kasdorf, Director, Backyard Nature Products.

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